Non-Degree Option

In addition to the established degree programs, there are two non-degree options as well: (1) Regular non-degree and (2) Non-degree for external certification. Regular non-degree admission is for students that wish to take up to 12 credits of graduate coursework without seeking a degree. Non-degree for external certification students are admitted to pursue coursework for the purpose of obtaining certification through an external accrediting agency. They complete the coursework for the appropriate certification, with the number of credits being dictated by the external accrediting agency. Given this external control of credit requirements, the number of credits will vary and will typically exceed the 12-credit limit for regular non-degree students. A student admitted as non-degree for external certification may subsequently be admitted to a degree program, but needs to do so by completing a new application and submitting all documentation required by the department for regular admission (2 letters of recommendation, original transcripts, test scores, and writing samples if required).

University admissions criteria for non-degree graduate students are:

  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with an overall grade point average of at least 3.0. Applicants with undergraduate GPAs below 3.0 may be admitted with the approval of the department in which they wish to take courses

    — or —

  • Evidence that the applicant is presently a student in good standing in an appropriate graduate program at an accredited institution

— or —

  • Evidence that the applicant has received an appropriate graduate or other advanced degree from an accredited institution.


Admission decisions for non-degree students are made by the faculty coordinator of the appropriate department or other responsible official designated by him/her for this purpose. Prior to submitting an online application for non-degree status applicants should make contact with the Graduate Director of the department letting them know of their intention to apply as a non-degree student.  Admission decisions for non-degree students are made by the graduate director or chair of the appropriate department or program. The signature of the designated official on the application and registration forms confers admission to the non-degree graduate student status. Informal transcripts will be accepted for initial admission, but formal transcripts must be on record before the student can receive any transcript or grade report from the university or enroll for additional courses.

Students in a non-degree status are not eligible for departmental, college, or university-based financial aid.

Graduate non-degree students should complete an online application here.

Undergraduate non-degree students may apply to the General College Division (contact the Admissions Office) or to the Summer Session (admissions information).